5 Predictions About the Future of Virtual Reality

Last weekend, I almost hit a developer’s face while playing my first virtual reality (VR) game at the CVR 2017. This is the largest VR expo in Canada where the newest virtual and augmented (AR) technologies are showcased to the enthusiasts. Needless to say that it was amazing to observe so many creators, developers and innovators in a brand-new field of technology.

As inspired as I was, I thought to myself: “ this can better.”

Maybe I am feeling a little entitled to always having the best newest technology in the palm of my hand, for free. (e.g. the applications that I use every day) But one thing is inevitable and that is VR will be the future. It will be the answer to some of the toughest challenges that humanity faces today.

Here are my top 5 predictions of our future with virtual and augmented reality.

1. Attending school for K-12 students will no longer be mandatory.

Your kids are skipping class? No problem. Home will be the new school. In fact, your kids will learn much faster than you ever did. With a VR headset and their education application ready to go, they will be entering a virtual world to learn about biology, math and who knows VR itself?

2. You won’t go out to shop anymore.

If you want to get a feel of how a product looks, feels or even functions, especially in the world of tech gadgets, tools and clothing, you will not drive to a store. Shopping will be redefined. With a VR shopping application, you can pick up an earphone and that pair of running shorts you were waiting to go on sale and head straight to the checkout counter.

3. You will no longer fear heights or public speaking.

Think about the worst phobia you ever had or still have. Spiders? Heights? Approaching people? Claustrophobia? Anxiety disorders? You have nothing to worry about anymore. There will be mental health programs offered in VR world that will help you improve your well-being and allow you to face your worst fears.

4. You won’t miss your Mom.

Your parents/kids live far away? Do you miss them? No problem. With a click of a button, they can be sitting in the same room as you, drinking their afternoon tea and telling you all about their day. Long-distance relationships will last longer than ever. Depression will be less common as some people will find intimacy and compassion with virtual partners but things will get weirder. Our world and view of social interactions and relationships will undergo a massive restructuring. Having a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend or even multiple will be a norm.

5. Every single move you make will be watched.

You may be aware that Google, Facebook and the giant tech companies are finding ways to track your online tasks and physical whereabouts nowadays? They keep record of your browser history, clicks, purchases, searches and location. If you are an Internet Privacy advocate then prepare yourself for VR. Every single footstep you take in a virtual Facebook, will be traced and analyzed for ‘better performance’ of the app but most importantly for behavioural analytics. If your behaviours become predictable… they will know what you are going to purchase before you think about purchasing it.

Gif: Taken with iPhone 7 at CVR Expo — .MOV converted to .GIF with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FFmpeg

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Originally published at http://amidsedghi.com on May 8, 2017.

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